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Originally Posted by otacu
Kagatie was probably one of the most idiotic "villain" in Gundam history.

Kagatie: "Wait Uso don't shot! I have the queen as a hostage!"
Uso: "Uh well, that makes sense...."
Kagatie shot the Queen for not apparent reason (a smart move... really )
Kagatie: "Ooooooops"
Uso: "huh? No hostage, no party! Now, you die!"
Kagatie is reduced to dust.

A great scene! I was half choked from laughing....
Yep, that was Tassilo. Kagatie was the machine-eyepatch old guy. You phail.

For Angel Halo, it wasn't supposed to stop the fighting, that's a lie Kagatie told Maria to get her to power Angel Halo. What it was really supposed to do was put the people of earth to sleep. Shakti's mother was never a bad guy, she wanted peace just as much as any of the good guys. But she was used as a figurehead by Kagatie.

The power of Angel Halo did make people sleep, remember the beginning of the episode where Usso beat Fuala? The Jean De'Arc was watching videos from unmanned camera planes and tanks, showing the people of earth being put to sleep by Angel Halo's power. Usso and company stopped this before it became permanent, though.

What happened at the end with Angel Halo was that Shakti and the Psychickers (however Sunrise wants us to spell it) "reversed" (sorta) the power of Angel Halo, then sent it to space so that it wouldn't be used again/wouldn't be used on earth.

Katejina was a bit selfish right from the start of the series, but that started to get worse when she met Chronicle and fell in love with him. Then it snowballed when she became a mobile suit pilot.
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