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Originally Posted by idofgrahf
um, if you snap that easily then your bascially insane, selfish does not equate to insane. There was no reason she would snap in the first place, one moment she wants to be a spy and the next she was shoting at her former allies, they never explained why, with Quess there was at least chars bs of souls are weight down by gravity (yeah like the colony doesn't have gravity).
Well I don't mean insane as in totally completely officially signed-by-a-psychiatrist insane, I mean she went irrational and insane.

"One moment?" That was, umm, how long ago before episode 49? Katejina became a Zanscare MS pilot like at least 10 episodes after she said she wanted to be a spy, that's plenty of time to change. But most of all, what makes you think she was being completely honest when she said she wanted to be a spy? Why couldn't she have just lied to get off the hook from Usso and Odelo. (the later had her at gunpoint at the time, btw, so she most certainly could have said that to get off the hook) Anyway, she gradually changed from a friend to an enemy as the episodes went by and she fell deeper for Chronicle. It was by no means a "from one moment to another" change. It happened over the course of 40 episodes, 4/5 of the series.

As for a more definitive explanation for why she went insane in 49, Angel Halo obviously had some kind of influence on her, as to what exactly I don't know, but it obviously did.
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