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Originally Posted by Goshin View Post
itachi is the master of everything
-Indeed. It's too bad Itachi isn't the one who is training Naruto because you know he would be a complete monster by the time he was finished his training. But then again that would change Naruto's style of combat which relies heavily on the fighting spirit and endurance. Even so it's still an entertaining thought.

-In regards to fighting Sasuke, Naruto does not necessarily have to be faster than Sasuke. We know he has the power to destroy him with a single move but now all he needs is the method of delivery. If he cannot surpass him in speed or trick him with Kage Bunshins then there's always the option of immobilizing Sasuke by different means. Traps, explosives, a flash grenade (a doujutsu user's ultimate weakness so Kishimoto refuses to introduce it) are all good ways to stun Sasuke long enogh to land a devestating hit.
-When all else fails, ram them with a force of an 18-wheeler.
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