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I haven't seen the ep, but people have posted screencaps of the beginning and end credits on 2channel. The beginning credits have Yamamoto as "super director" or "over-director" and the new director in smaller characters as "new director." In the end credits it says this episode was directed, written and storyboarded by Yamamoto. This pleases me, since he is clearly the creative force behind this show.

This makes it seem that kj1980 was probably close to the truth. I think the move was more removing organizational responsibilities from him that criticizing the product. I predict further controversy to come, over whether this was all a publicity stunt.

2channel does allow links to images, and a few of them get posted, such as the ones of the credits (with posts 525 and 774). The current LS thread (#61) is here. Hurry, it will fill soon. Then there will be a link near the end to the new one. Or go to the top and click the left-hand end of the third line to go back to the main list of boards to find #62.

EDIT: But this page shows that the new director will direct and storyboard ep6, so we'll see what difference that makes. Early consensus on 2channel seems to be that ep5 was hilarious and similar to previous eps. The broadcast just ended 40 minutes ago.
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