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Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
Ahead looks goofy because it's a half-assed crossbreed of GN series and Tieren, and they only look menacing for their brutish, hulking appearance compared to Gundams (so when you need to take photo, pair it with smaller MS kits, use perspective trick so Ahead look even larger than actually)

Ahead Bushido even moreso

GN-XIII is cool, and in my opinion far cooler than Ahead. But again, your judgment. (I saw them at the nearby shop, assembled)
Im with you on the main GN-X line (fun fact: the Ahead shares the GN-X designation as well) as they're my all time favorite grunt units

On the Aheads, well what I like about them, is like you said, their hulking appearance, and also their very simple and effective design (less details and clutter than the GN-X and the thrusters). Their portrayals in episode 1-2 of season 2 was also quite stellar as far as grunts went, though it went downhill from there to mostly plain cannon fodder

Personally I also like Mr. Bushido's Ahead, Im a sucker for Samurai stuff lol, as for the Smultron.....meh its ok

Originally Posted by StrikeFreedomV2 View Post
Aheads are great HGs! I own a bunch of them and none looks as long as you display them properly^^Articulation-wise they are so great
Ah someone who has them!

I have no concerns on posing, this may sound a little arrogant but I'm quite capable of making extremely nice poses off the top of my head, even with a standard included in box base, I have yet to get an action base 2, but once I get some my shelves will definitely improve big time lol

Whats confusing me the most is how well they look in person. All the videos and pictures i have seen seems to have different aspect ratios, so sometimes they appear squat, sometimes taller, and sometimes balanced, so I have no idea what to go by, other than Mr. Bushido's Ahead, which my bro has

How does the normal one compare to it in height/width etc.?
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