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Originally Posted by Skye629 View Post

Ah someone who has them!

I have no concerns on posing, this may sound a little arrogant but I'm quite capable of making extremely nice poses off the top of my head, even with a standard included in box base, I have yet to get an action base 2, but once I get some my shelves will definitely improve big time lol

Whats confusing me the most is how well they look in person. All the videos and pictures i have seen seems to have different aspect ratios, so sometimes they appear squat, sometimes taller, and sometimes balanced, so I have no idea what to go by, other than Mr. Bushido's Ahead, which my bro has

How does the normal one compare to it in height/width etc.?
They all share the same main body. So all have the same height disregarding the different thrusters. The hips are pretty aritculated, so depending on how the positioned, the Aheads can look different sized, but overall are not^^ I can recommend all of them, best AU-Grunt IMO, toghether with the GN-X III
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