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I often wondered about something that has been overlooked.

There is this idea that Kinzo was the only survivor of the Ushiromiya family. This is not true... or at least it is not true that he was the only survivor after the great Kanto earthquake. That is what happened to the Main family but Kinzo's branch wasn't the only one that survived.
It is said that Kinzo was "chosen" specifically because of his polydactility. You can't really "choose" when you only have one choice.

So well... what happened to all the other Ushiromiya? Did they all die for some unknown reasons? And if they didn't, why didn't they try to get a share of the inheritance?
Ah, you mean kinzo's inheritance ? well, it's logical that it would pass to his only daughter, you normally don't get cousins or even brothers of the deceased fighting for the money if said person has children.
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