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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
The next issue of PC gamer should have more information in it. Those who are able to get it, please do.

Anyway, making space combat in required part of the game is a sword so sharp in it's double edge you can't do much but cut yourself. STO tried that, and people either love the space combat and hate the ground combat, or relish in the ground combat and loathe the space combat, very few like both. I'm in the first camp, I love space combat but ground combat I'd wish had a big, fat skip button. Unfortunately, it doesn't, so getting tired of the ground combat interrupting my fun space adventure I left the game.

Choosing to make one side optional was an inevitable choice. No matter how much fun Bioware tries to make space combat, there are always people who won't like the system. People have different opinion on what's fun after all. By making space combat optional, those who enjoy it can fly around in space and have a good time, while those who say "no thanks, I'll stay with two feet on the ground and a good blaster" can just keep on blasting.
I agree it's hard to balance the two...Reviews for Star Trek online I think proved this point...many have said it was like having 2 MMO's placed together that didn't mesh well. STO has made some more improvements, but the game to me still feels like it's lacking the exploration feel...

I hope the Old Republic can find a good balance between the two.
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