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Originally Posted by willx View Post
This reminds me of a conversation previously about how you determine which tank is your flag tank. If the Tiger 2 or the Maus were made the flag tank and were just guarded by a broad encirclement of Panthers ..

And then on the flip side, why wasn't the Tiger P made the flag tank?

Kudos to Miho for the duel, but .. why the hell are German tanks not sniping!? Maybe I should have expected this from the first few episodes but everyone is running and gunning in the most ridiculous ways..
The Nishizumi style require offence, not defence. So guarding the flag tank when you have numerical and power advantage is not accepted. Note that Maho's flag tank was leading the fight all the way. A Maus would not have caught up with the attacking team.

Tiger P has reliability issues. And with it being most armoured you want it to take the most hits. The flag tank is not meant to get hit, so using the P as flag would be a waste.

Finally, the BF team isn't snipping because they are in the city.
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