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Originally Posted by ZGoten View Post
I have to admit I'm not a fan of this chapter. I don't like Luffy defeating a better fighter simply because he has 20 times his opponent's levels of endurance for some inexplicable reason. With all the damage Luffy had taken for chapters upon chapters, and with Katakuri taking next to no blow except his own, that final trade should not have had Luffy come out ahead of this. It almost makes Katakuri look like a glass cannon in comparison. On paper and by points Katakuri would have won by a landslide prior to the final exchange.
Haven't Luffy's boss battles often been like that though? It's not that different from his fights against Eneru, Crocodile, or Lucci to name a few. Although it's true that nobody dominated him as hard as Katakuri, the pattern is still roughly the same. He goes up against opponents that are out of his league and miraculously manages to defeat them after taking a gigantic beating. Pretty much shounen 101. That said, maybe Oda made the gap between Luffy and his opponent too big this time, hence all the criticism.

About Katakuri being a "glass canon", it makes sense if you think about it. He always dodges his opponents' attacks, so he isn't used to getting hit and has therefore build no endurance.
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