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Originally Posted by Trax View Post
Oh right! Usually Luffy is easily fooled by even the most basic of disguises.
I think you guys are thinking of Chopper. He was completely fooled by the fake SHs during the Sabody reunion.

Originally Posted by khoa1708 View Post
for some reason this fight's ending wasn't satisfying to me... it wasn't as clear cut like for example the doflamingo fight... it feels like luffy just got stronger in the middle of the battle too fast? suddenly able to see the future like Katakuri...
I agree. It was certainly lackluster compared to the Mingo fight. In retrospect it seems Mingo was stronger than Dogtooth which I didn't expect. Kanon's explanation for why Dogtooth isn't too durable is a pretty good one though. While Dogtooth was much stronger, he's just not used to being hit like Luffy is.
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