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In my last post I was actually trying to explain her motives and to certain extent, why she has ‘accepted’ or is more willing to accept Nobuse’s feelings, though it does involve her relationship with Shin. It makes more sense to me the fact she might be trying to forget about Shin now that she seems more open to “move on” with Nobuse, but as you pointed out, this situation might be hurting herself or it's already hurting herself.
well, I found this entry in wikipedia and I think now I know the reason that Aiko is going out with Nobuse. Here is the description of Aiko from wikipedia.

Aiko Endo description from Wikipedia
"Aiko is a girl one year older than Shinichirō who attends a different school than him. She is going out with his friend Miyokichi Nobuse, but may have feelings instead for Shinichirō hinted through a comment she made about if people cannot become closer to the one they like, they would like to get closer to the one closest to that someone. Aiko has known Shinichirō and Miyokichi since they were kids. She helps out at her family's Imagawayaki shop named Imagawayaki Ai-chan. She is shorter than Shinichirō but enjoys teasing him from time to time."

I think I finally got my answer to why she is going with Nobuse and It is safe to expect that we won't see how they ended together. Stupid girl!
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