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Originally Posted by Kurush View Post
And there you have it. You had the answer all along. I just said it was a possibility but I did not state outright that I believed that she knew about magic all along. If she did, then how come she stayed the (Expletive Deleted) out of events that transpired when the opportunity to help out was there all along? Then again, she must have realized the dangers.
The thing here is that she, being "friendly rivals" with Asuna, respects her. Hence, she pretty keeps her promise and doesn't follow Negi's crew as they reach the gatepost of the Magic World (unlike the "dumber half of the academic chart" students that accompanied Ayaka on the trip).

Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
I got the feeling that Fate might not really care about his mission anymore and just want to have fun with Negi...
More specifically, Fate may have come to realize that the rewrite spell involves something that he didn't want to do by force (aka killing humans from Earth) and hence he may be having a "what have I done" moment soon.
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