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If Negi's plan involve time and space manipulation (like that alternate world that Negi went to before), I might say that Chao's true plan is to give Negi some hints about what to do with the magical world. We don't know for sure though.

Had another idea/possible thought for how Negi will save the magic world, btw. I already mentioned the possible idea of somehow "transplanting it" to the internet and Ayaka buying up a humongous room full of rack servers ...
I think this one is more's more old world and with Negi understanding that Ayaka shouldn't have a deep understanding towards magic. If Negi's method involves high-level magic, I think he will come to people like the headmaster or Eva And there's also problems with mana too...if it can be settled with magic alone, I don't think that mana deprivation problems should have appeared in the first place.

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