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Yep, Rias clan is back with some overlicious boob festa and ecchiness, as Issei makes his way to the ladder structure to become the coveted, Harem King amongst demons.

However, the new season takes off both the characters and audience into the start of a new story arc that would be not so pleasant for Kiba, as his past would be slowly unraveled.

He's pretty much the least focused of the cast since the start of the previous season, but the Excalibur arc will be bringing forth a full dimension into his character whom until recently has been putting up with a cordial smile and a formal demeanor characteristic of many bishounen archetypes.

The fansevice once again skyrockets, but I found out a great irony regarding Rias in relation to another show.

Last season I fully enjoyed Hataraku Maou-sama!, but I was too thickheaded to realize an ironic connection.

Yoko Hikasa whom voices Rias Gremory in both seasons actually voices as well Emi Yusa.

Parallels and contrasts between both girls:
- Both girls are red-headed.
- IMO, both girls have a splendid figre.
- The contrasts are that one is a human/Angel heroine and the other is a Demon from a high-ranking, elite family.
- Way too big contrasts: Emi is a hinyuu while Rias is "Oppai".

Recall the burger gag: A small, single meat, cheeseburger VS a Double meat premium, large Big Mac.

2013 has been the year for Demons and boobies galore!

- Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
- Hataraku Maou-sama!
- Now, Highschool DXD NEW
Yeah I noticed that there's been a recent boom in the demon theme thing. But we also have that craze with little sisters and shut-in/hikikomori/otaku/loners....
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