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Originally Posted by mishka View Post
I just started reading the manga after watching the 6 five-minute series.....I never read manga, but Blame! the series was like a teaser for the manga! So short that made wanna know more!

So anyways....I'm on volume#3. And I was wondering why the anime is so short while the manga seems fairly long? Did they cover everything in the OVA?
Hoorah for necromancers.

The 6-episode OVA is just loosely based on some portions of the manga. Many details are changed to give more emphasis and mystery to Cibo's role. The characters shown in the anime are just a small fraction of the entire cast featured in the manga and given the epic scale of the story, there are quite a few of them.

So, yes, the anime is merely a teaser of sorts for the manga which has a longer and more complex storyline.

Killy only shoots his gun once in the anime. THAT IS SOOO WRONG!

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