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Originally Posted by mishka View Post
I have never read Manga before because I thought I'd get bored.....but it's quite fun and I haven't got bored at all!

And what really made me laugh was the "height issue." So do we know exactly how tall Killy is?!
If you thought that reading manga would be boring, I can't even imagine what you'd think about reading 1400-page novels like Les Miserables.

As for the height, it's rather hard to tell. If you have read Planetes before, you'd be familiar with the idea of varying heights due to the different intensities of gravity depending on where one grows up. Since the size of the Megastructure is approximately equal to the size of Jupiter's orbit, there's no reliable point of comparison for Blame!. However...

Spoiler for spoilers concerning the protagonist:

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
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