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Originally Posted by Shinndou View Post
Indeed, although ArcSys has stated that even the 360 US version is going to be region free, so all the 360 PAL owners may wish to import the game as well. I chose the PS3 version because I own a PS3 arcade stick (the Virtua Stick High Grade) and because of the online being free, even though most of my local friends here usually play their fighting games on the 360.
I guess Blazblue will finally be the reason why i finally buy myself an arcade stick, i mean i won't get to play it in the arcade anytime soon, and i can easily see myself pumping in endless hours into this game. It was the same with the Guilty Gear series on the ps2, though i could never find a decent arcade stick for a good price at the time.

Will have to get your PS3 username at some point.
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