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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
God blesses me, because that's my play style :3. As usual, I'll try out all of the girls first.

What's your PSN ID? Mine is DSveno (but I'm living at my cousin's place this summer, and using his PS3, so add Aguan instead ).
I have no PS3 and PSN yet lol, really need to get it some time

Rachel is an aggressive style but it requires you to control her gimmicks and Drive ability. She can summon her cute minions, an electric frog that hops across the floor slowly, a bat flies slowly, set up lightning rods that detonate all at once when you press 2 ,2+D(Drive) etc.

Each character's Drive button uses their unique skills, Ragna's life drain attacks, Jin's freeze attacks etc. Rachel's Drive creates a gust of wind in direction with your stick, the gust of wind will blow Rachel and some of her gimmicks along with the opponent in the same direction. Whoever has the wind closer behind gets blown harder I think. You can do lots of stuff with the wind, set up traps or force your opponents into a corner to pressure him with the gust, your slow moving gimmicks can suddenly become fast projectiles and catch your opponent off guard, blow up for ground to air combo etc. Remember to use the lightning rods as well.

She's quite difficult to use because she has a very unique Drive, doesn't suit my close range style, I'm a Slayer player.
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