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Originally Posted by Kagayaki View Post
@Reckoner: Yeah, Enishi doesn't really have anything else going for him, and what you pointed out (that he walked so foolishly into the mistake) may or may not have been the main flaw in how they tried to execute Enishi's character growth. I'll have to think about that some more, since I'm not sure where exactly his character went wrong.

So I agree with you that Enishi is not the most compelling character, but I don't think it's because he fails at everything, including business savvy and common sense. I don't think you have to be good or even halfway decent at anything at all to be a good character in a story. You can probably find at least one protagonist you like on here: And it's not like you could take the characters from that list and make them good/better at something and suddenly they'd be more compelling. There's something else at work here.
I agree that you can be a failure or lack redeeming qualities to be a decent character. Ano Hana is a good example of having pitiful characters that work. But at the very least he needs to gain some kind of empathy from the audience. It's kinda like, why should we care about him for being a failure. He pretty much brought it upon himself.

Another sign of a character is a good conflict. Yet, from the conclusion we get, that in no shape or form really solves any conflict internal or external.

The main problem is that the anime phoned home to us that he is too much of a fail to run the inn, giving someone else an excuse to inherit the inn. But... that's nothing we didn't know already. We knew he was a bumbling idiot that gets cheated a lot. In fact, you could have compressed these 2 episodes into 1 and it wouldn't matter. You could have compressed into 5 minutes and it won't matter.

When a character's development causes no real net change in the way we view him aside from such flimsy and unconvincing backstory, plus the fact that the character isn't deserving of empathy, nor does the character generate any empathy, and said character has the interest of a cardboard box, it's a failure in every conceivable aspect.

This barely qualifies as anything. In other words, I feel like they're better than this.
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