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I disagree with you all.
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Foreshadow already said what I wanted to say regarding Enishi taking responsibility.

I don't hate Enishi. I sympathize with him, even pity the poor guy. But he didn't accept responsibility for the debacle in any significant way. He didn't even accept the fact that it was his signature on the contract. That Takako was only an advisor - the final decision was his. He didn't accept that good intentions - which, yes, Takako had - just aren't enough.

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I realize that the movie was a colossal failure, but….

I believe that Enishi did several important things in these last two episodes. He escaped his sister’s shadow,
How? He nearly hit Takako when she pointed out how hung up he was on his sister, and his mother nearly proposed the position of heir to her, right in front of him. He hasn't escaped anything.
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