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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Well, the thing is...

Spoiler for Major True Tears Spoilers:
In the end, I feel that the story boiled down to the concept of fairy tail romance and idealized progression and growth, in particular, the magical girlfriend that pops out of nowhere, vs the rather more practical and realistic world. In retrospect, this has a huge meta concept going.


So on paper at least, this is a very powerful concept. To me though, it's watered down by some rather annoying melodrama, interspersed with Hiromi doing splits and Noe dragging Jibeta along. (Wut?) It may not be to Ano Hana's level, but I can't really say I'm too impressed either. Was the romantic development there too sudden? Nah, there were hints of it all along. But in the end, I see a lot of points being made, but the emotional impact is more like "really? Is that it?" and I just really didn't care who "won" by the end. The last few episodes have aged rather poorly for me.

This is coming from someone that has used Hiromi's "key" scene as an avatar before, so don't think I'm some angry Noe fanboy like some out there. :3
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