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Well, Clannad ended in 2009 and the novel was written in 2004, but we can still complain about how it ended. :3

Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
You're going to need to go the "good" shojo or josei for that. Its why I consider Kare Kano and Bokura ga Ita in high regard as they go beyond the formation.

Personally, I don't really feel anything for Key save for After Story and maybe a female character or two wlike Tomoyo. I am always turned off by their constant mood whiplash between extreme slapstick comedy one moment and mega melodrama the next. There's a reason why I consider Angel Beats the worst PA production, which is already on the weaker end when it comes to Key based works.
I think that generalization is a bit overstated.
Spoiler for Key:

I think the bigger problem is the predictable "omg cry now" cues that plague their stories. If anything, I would say that pacing is the problem that really prevents any of the Key anime from being truly masterwork productions because it becomes jarring. For this, I really would credit Kyoani for adapting it well as they could, and you know how much I hate doing that. On the other hand, Kanon's middle 8 episodes were concise and packed in a lot of drama and emotion perfectly. In fact, I'd say they pretty much kill almost everything that Clannad could offer.

And actually Angel Beats, to go back to PA Works, is probably one of their less bipolar works. In fact it uses its melodrama extremely sparingly, though I suppose it was used badly anyways. It actually works well as a comedy, of which I always felt Key has done better in.

Which is why I really like PA works slice of life/drama anime originals. To me they have this charm where they seem to be a hybrid of anime and live action tv. Yea I bitch about Iroha all the time, bit the highs of that show were some the best I've seen in the medium. Also I blame a certian writer .

PA themselves know that this is the strength. I'm watching Tamako Market atm and man the quality differential between that kyoani original and a pa original is gigantic. It's like comparing sword art online and shin sekai yori/psycho pass.
Tari Tari had this certain charm to it, so I can agree on it. Hanairo umm, well, it had its charms on a good day.

And PA Works > Kyoani to me atm. Though both their character designs are declining! Nothing has really matched True Tears's amazing visual style.
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