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Originally Posted by LevelSeven View Post
deku is the 9th, AM was 8, nana was 7th,

so AM should have been 8 times stronger than a supertrained person,

i can only think of 2 possibilitys:

1. the author didnt really think this stuff through,

2. the power is multiplied, basically, 1 person strength is 2 persons strength at the second "generation", than 4 times at the third person, than 8 and etc,

basically with AM the strength would be by 128 times the strength of a normal person, and deku should than be at 256 times...

but i dont like that option :/
Originally Posted by Twi View Post
Doesn't it also stockpile the powers of others. All you need is just one or two with superhuman strength to join the fold and there you go.
Originally Posted by ChronoReverse View Post
Or maybe it continuously stockpiles strength. Even the first bearer of OFA had stronger strength than baseline human after all.

If true, that would imply that the power can run out although with 8 previous bearers of OFA, it's not going to run out any time soon (even All Might isn't exerting power non-stop and he probably made the most prolific use of it).

I don't see any evidence for how it works though so we can only conjecture until more information is provided.
Originally Posted by LevelSeven View Post
^^than OFA should have more quirks than just superstrength
The Quirks of OFA, from my understanding, is a combination of "Power Multiplication" & "Growing Inheritance". Basically, whatever Quirk the inheritor has, has it's base power multiplied (if possible), and if the inheritor doesn't have a empower-able quirk, then it empower's the inheritor's muscles. That's the "active" part of the quirk that gives Deku & All Might their Super Strength.

Additionally, the quirk itself grows through use, training & transference. Basically, it's buffing power is not "No. Of Past Users x User's Starting Limits" but more like "Original Power + No. Of Past Users x Past Development of User's Quirks x User's Starting Limits". Well, that's how I see it, anyway. Oh, and, while it doesn't pass on Quirks (because doing so would require major transformations of the body that the power cannot replicate), it's possible that part of Strength Quirks could have a greater impact on the inherited power due to the similarities between the Quirk that mixed with Growing Inheritance to create OFA.

Edit Add: I most certainly did not use the in-comic names of the two quirks that combined, instead using a rough nickname that explained their basic power. The given names of the two quirks might help prove or disprove my interpretation, but I can't go check them right at the moment. Just a FYI.

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