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Theory time:

- If my memory serves me right, Kurisu had an argument with her father/step father right before her lecture. It would fit her character to make statements based on that later on. - However the AI never had that argument, hence answered differently.
She argued with her father in the Beta Line after his lecture -- she showed him her own paper on time travel and he decided to steal it for himself, leading to Kurisu's death.

In the Alpha Line, Dr. Nakabachi's lecture never happened because the "satellite" crashed into the Radio Kaikan building. We know from what Kurisu tells Okabe later that something must have happened between them, but we never get any details. Clearly Dr. Nakabachi didn't steal Kurisu's paper in the Alpha Line, but he must have said something that put her into "Screw time travel" mode for her own lecture.

In any event, a scientific paper isn't something you write in five minutes. She was probably already thinking about the subject in March when her mind was copied for Amadeus.
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