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Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Do I now?

So this land mass curvature I'm pointing out that just so happens to follow very closely to the map projection lines (Especially that channel curvature) is an imaginary event that is only happening because I WANT it to occure.

I must have a Haruhi gene. I better check any see if any of my friends are Aliens, Espers, Time Travelers, or rediculously mundane normal people caught in the middle.
I know I'm just jumping in hapzardedly, but I'd settle for radar overlay on a giant map. They could just be tracking targets as they emerge, such that Hayate intercepts them as close as to her max range, which might be indistinguishable on that scale.

Then again, the Gadgets gonna have to be moving at ultrasonic speeds to cover that distance to try and overwhelm Hayate. My counterpoint is that we have transdimensional ships and so we assume that what we call "high-speeds" is actually pretty slow to them having to deal with ultrarelativistic speeds on a daily basis.

Also, the tech might be advanced enough to avoid sonicbooms. Somehow.
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