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Originally Posted by dkellis View Post
Speaking of consistency, I'm not sure if this will be different on the DVDs, so I might as well ask from scratch:

What can be seen in Midchilda's skies beyond the atmosphere?

As in, on Earth in the daytime, we can see the sun, and maybe the Moon. At night, we see the Moon (depending on phase), and lots of bright dots of light that we tend to generalize as "stars". Other planets and perhaps the International Space Station might be visible as particularly bright stars, especially at night.

I know Midchilda has at least two moons orbiting it, what with the Cradle trying to... use the power of the moons, somehow. But if you look up at the sky, apart from the star-like dots of light, do you just see the two moons? What do they look like?

I ask this because I randomly read a sentence which claimed that a few planets are visible as such in Midchilda's sky. I'm not sure how this would work.

Also, I'm assuming that it's not going to be welcome to ask about why they use what seems like standard months when they have two moons.
Those planets are the two moons. They seem to have an atmosphere of their own, concidering we can see clouds even from Mid-Childa. It almost looks like you would be staring at a planet, hence the confusion.

As for the months, the answer is simple. To avoid needless confusion. Seven Arcs already have Mid-Childa their own calender in terms of years, which is already throwing people of the loop here and there, giving Mid-Childa its own month system would really confuse people. It's easier to stick with the usual, as it gives people a bit more familiarity.
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