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Originally Posted by saravis View Post
It would be pretty amusing if she was the one to make the killing blow on Aizen, after all she was the only one to see through his illusion.
She might've been the only one to notice something suspicious while trapped under the illusion, but I don't think that means she can see through Aizens complete hypnosis. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been surprised when Aizen made his corpse appear right in front of her eyes from seemingly out of nowhere. Instead, she would've saw him holding his Soul Slayer the entire time. Anyways, I'm only saying this since Aizen himself even stated that his complete hypnosis was flawless. Even if you realize it, there's no way to escape it. And this was after he gave Unohana credit for noticing something was up. I'd assume that he wouldn't have said it was a "flawless" ability if Unohana could really see through it. Of course, I could be wrong. I suppose someone has to see through it if he's to ever be beaten.
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