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and this is the square root of their sums doubled then divided by a random variable number, followed by the application of Leonhard Euler's infinite solution:

yamamoto: 1

soi fong: 10

gin: 9

unohana: 3

aizen: 2

byakuya: 5

komamura: 8

kyoraku: 4

tosen: 11

hitsugaya: 6

kenpachi: 13

mayuri: 12

ukitake: 6

seriously, if i'm reading that correctly then gin will be perfect after his hougyoku boost. just inflate his numbers evenly and voila, perfection. but then aizen would be better than perfect.... interesting....

i like knowing that unuhona is third. it makes sense for why aizen didn't even blink when komamura attacked and he slapped that 90 on him, whereas he didn't even touch unuhona. he could have attacked her to stop the spreading of her message, but i have a feeling now that he knew her level and realized he would not have an easy time defeating her...
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