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Count me among those surprised Unohana is such a bad ass.

Count me not surprised, however, that Zaraki ranks low.

I love the guy, easily my favorite captian, but when you're factoring in things like Spirit Control and Kidou of course guys like Zaraki and even Ichigo are going to score low.

Even ignoring things such as weapons (a category which, uh, Zaraki would probably also not do too well in, considering he doesn't even know the damn thing's name), Zaraki has always been considered an anomaly in Soul Society, a beast who got by pretty much though pure bloodlust and being completely f***in' insane.

Statistics are statistics, but battle isn't a math equation. Mistakes, luck, experience, confidence, even a simple thing as just having a bad day... All of it factors in in a life-or-death kinda way when fighting, and all of it varies from fight to fight.

Not that anyone in Bleach ever actually dies...
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