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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
What I mean is, the plot is way out there, but the actually storytelling is very grounded. I think it paints the Arume in a very "human" light, even if they can be looked at as alien monsters.
Which is good, because it shows them as an entire race of individuals rather than just multiple copies of one stereotypical personality *cough*Star Trek*cough*

the whole idea of a special district where men are banned (and killed on sight if found) does fit with everything I've seen so far and certainly adds to the "Arume are not good people" theme.
Indeed. Not fined, not arrested - killed. It really accentuates the status of men in this new society, which is nearly on par with some of the most gender-biased societies than humanity has managed to produce.

Meh, I guess I'm just torn. It's nice to see antagonists who don't fit into the generic bad guy category but the protagonists aren't exactly perfect either.
That's an earmark of good writing. Anyone can write a story about a mustache-twirling villain and a knight in shining armor, but it takes sincere effort and planning to write a story using these kinds of characters - especially one with such weird internal conflicts as Kotoko.
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