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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
Nice White Star Sig ..too bad the Quality Kinda bad
Yeah .. It Because of the Video's Quality ..

Originally Posted by Mattelajn View Post
Nicely done! The white star one is rly cool
Thanks .. but It was not Perfect ..

Originally Posted by unknownally View Post
Nice! They look awesome!
Thank You So Much ..

Originally Posted by lv23 View Post
Ah. Somehow your Black Rock Shooter siggy slipped by my eyes. I was just reviewing your work. I really live the BRS signature. Maybe center the text and then it's a really schmexy siggy.
It Just Crop Sig and the text was from its Image ..


Try to Entry in SOTM (again) .. but I'm so Confused about border .. Which Better ??

without border

border v.1

border v.2
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