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Red face I am going to so sin seing and showing you this.

Seriously just this=>

WTF once service in Index? I am just ....let's see
Index fully naked? Well that was unexpected here (NFSW)=>

Index ass?(NFSW)=>

A nun showing off her underwear.....I can't say due to Christian values but yes it is also a WTF here(NFSW)=>

Touma landing as if he was about to lick it here(NFSW)=>

OMG that is so Taboo even by accident
Finally the nun grabbing unto Touma's body then leg all naked and also with the leg part her breasts rubbing? OMG again(NFSW)=>

I am seriously raising a towards this because 1. Things could have gone elsewhere than fan service especially in Index and 2. This (NSFW) article=>
Directed towards specifically things like this fan service that was not necessary but will only sell. Too much sometimes is too much point being Index does not need it. Who cares? I for one will not only think of as WTF but others might wish for something more constructive let's say like plot.
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