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Originally Posted by outerelf View Post
The problem is, all of this happened in the Novel. So... I can't really say anything to it.
Really? Exactly like that? OMG, I would never know since I did not read the novel but it looks like it's more detailed to me. Let's talk about what this episode could have had that was in the novel to include in these parts. I can tell you that things like other animes like HOTD did ecchi more some parts than in the manga for a fact. Given the genre no problem there but this is religion stuff...not sure you want angry mobs like the article says.....not even sure if the ecchi makes it comedy wise or sexually themed up. In any case I find it just that even though many know me here for being a ecchi fan. In Index I don't like it. Plain and simple....especially with nuns.....why not some with Mikoto of Shirai? Maybe in the loli teacher....that would be not bad....but nuns? Does not work for me. That's all.
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