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The reconciliation felt a bit too easy considering how Kirito's crushed his sis—er, cousin's heart twice now, but <jackbauer>THERE'S NO TIME!</jackbauer>.

I agree with Klashikari on the tree raid: It felt turn-based, and unfortunately, given the scale of the room, just looked like a series of little duels occuring in isolation. If there had been a way to work in a decorative element on the walls to indicate height, they should have done it.

Also, the lack of archers and other projectiles: Could have also helped the action if the Sylph/Cait Sith ranged attacks had shown up in time to counteract what would have been a wall of arrows. Instead, they just shot at undefined off-screen targets.

Kirito's drill piercing the heavens ended up looking cheesy.

My POV is coming from anime-only, but I have to critique the hand I'm dealt. The scene looked like what it looked like.
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