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Originally Posted by Myssa Rei View Post
What Endless? You mentioned our KV-1S platoon, and neglected the OTHER triple-tank platoon we did? You know, where our three stugs pretty much rampaged our way through the Eastern Forest at Murovanka? AND we survived to tell the tale? For shame.
Originally Posted by Endless Soul View Post
Did you mean this StuG rampage? Actually, you two were rampaging more than I was. I was a bit off my game especially in regards to sniping moving targets. I did much better in this battle with my Sniper Stug.
I felt a little off in that Murovanka battle also, which is why I didn't mention it. I have a habit of shooting at things in the woods that are actually being spotted behind cover, which makes me feel stupid.

So these are some of the highlights:

KV-1S platoon win.

T-34 platoon win. (Well, two T-34s and a StuG.)

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