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EDIT: Now that I think about it, the main force behind Ringo's character growth was Shouma. He really helped her to see things from a new perspective. I wonder if she can help Shouma get over his issues. Now that Kanba has made a contract with Sanetoshi, I assume the only one who is in a position to act is Shouma, who's still pretty much the only character outside the game, so to speak. But unless he can come to terms with the past, he isn't going to be of any use, so... let's just hope Ringo can do something for him.
This is what I've been hoping for since I started shipping Ringo/Shouma. And I think this episode does sort of lead some credence to that with Tabuki's speech to Ringo at the end that there is probably a reason she found out about their parents.

And I also really loved the call back to Ringo's speech on fate at the end of the episode, obviously she is no longer talking about Tabuki and it was nice to frame it with Shouma's speech about fate in the beginning (now I understand why he would say all we knew is we would never amount to anything).

It seems a lot of people didn't like the flashback of the Takakura's but I am glad they showed us more of what happened that day.

Although it was only one episode later, I did like how Sanetoshi used the same lines as the black bunnies "Don't Give Up the World Didn't End/Stop Turning Just Yet".

And finally Momoka being the hat....things have gotten more interesting (although it does make Himari less compelling, but oh well!)
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