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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Gotta said I loved Ringo so much in this episode. I didn't really have any emotional attachment with any of these characters until now, mostly because Ikuhara hasn't put too much effort to make them sympathetic, let along likable: they're all one-trick ponies, all of them stack on their issues and/or desires, and they just don't change or grow....

But Ringo did grow. When the series began she was just nut (literally) but now she's coming to terms with the past and is even starting to show genuine concern for the people around her. Heck, she was even able to congratulate his father on his new marriage.

I just would like to see some progress from the other characters as well, specially Shouma and Kanba, although that probably isn't going to happen any time soon.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, the main force behind Ringo's character growth was Shouma. He really helped her to see things from a new perspective. I wonder if she can help Shouma get over his issues. Now that Kanba has made a contract with Sanetoshi, I assume the only one who is in a position to act is Shouma, who's still pretty much the only character outside the game, so to speak. But unless he can come to terms with the past, he isn't going to be of any use, so... let's just hope Ringo can do something for him.
Yes, though I was a harsh critic Ringo did indeed grow. Between that and the fact that Ikuhara did have a plan to bring her role more into balance with the others, she's redeemed herself somewhat in my eyes. Really, she's just driftwood like all the other MCs - a tool in the hands of fate.

I agree that Shouma was the main instigator here. When Ringo talks about how she loves fate because happy chance encounters can happen, I think it's meeting Shouma that she's talking about. I was very interested in the one, two, three black kittens in the playground watching that conversation with Tabuki.
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