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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
This anime talks a lot about fate. It primarily does that through two characters: Kanba (who hates it) and Ringo (who loves it).
What about Shouma then? In this episode, he takes for himself Kenba's words about fate. He doesn't react as desperately as his older brother and is taking a more passive position, but still. He blames fate (or should I say Fate) for what happened to Himari when really this seems to be a normal disease.
Isn't it weird to explain that you little sister is dying because your parents did terrible things years ago and as their children, you've to payed the price. What is that, some kind of inter-generational repayment?
I've said it already, but even if one believe in karma and destiny, shouldn't those be tied to your actions only? Why believe your relatives acts, even your parents, would influence drastically your own destiny?
IMHO, the siblings reasoning is flawed, baseless... crazy? Most certainly the result of despair (mixed to self-pity?). But still not ok.
Ringo realized she was wrong. How long will it be before the brothers do the same. Probably too late...

Originally Posted by pessimistic_freak View Post
I also think this episode implies that Momoka = Princess of the Crystal. I have only one problem : If so then she's Ringo's sister. Why has she never shown any sign of recognition? Not to mention that she always called Ringo bad names too. I can accept that she maybe tomboyish but did she really have to go that far towards her own sister? Just wondering.
She could be jealous of her sister living when she died so young? Or angry to see her waste her time running after Tabuki, whom she loved and could still be in love with?
Whatever the reason, her harsh treatment toward Himari was weird, she clearly has a personal grudge against her. Tends to reinforce the idea Momoka=PofC for me.

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