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When Ringo talks about how she loves fate because happy chance encounters can happen, I think it's meeting Shouma that she's talking about.
Yeah, I thought the same, but I disagree with you that she's "kidding herself" (I read that from your blog, btw). I don't think believing in fate is a misguided mindset in itself. As long as you're willing to accept both the good and the bad as part of your life, whether you think it's all according to fate or just random events doesn't make any difference IMO.

I think Ringo changed in the sense that before she wasn't willing to accept the bad things that happened to her. She said she believed in fate, but every time things wouldn't come out as she hoped for, she would try to force them to happen, try to force "fate" into what she wanted. So even though she was always talking about fate, in the end she was just trying to subvert it. Overall, she was just running away from her fate, running away from reality.

But now it's different. The fact that she's able to accept her father's marriage, and even come to appreciate her encounter with Shouma even though it has brought her painful memories, means that she's willing to face reality. She calls it fate, but that's irrelevant, because she's not running away from it anymore.

EDIT: OH, this little spoiler about Ringo seems relevant:
Spoiler for Ringo's fate:

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