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Originally Posted by Nina.Wolken View Post
What about Shouma then? In this episode, he takes for himself Kenba's words about fate. He doesn't react as desperately as his older brother and is taking a more passive position, but still. He blames fate (or should I say Fate) for what happened to Himari when really this seems to be a normal decease.
Isn't it weird to explain that you little sister is dying because your parents did terrible things years ago and as their children, you've to payed the price. What is that, some kind of inter-generational repayment?
I've said it already, but even if one believe in karma and destiny, shouldn't those be tied to your actions only? Why believe your relatives acts, even your parents, would influence drastically your own destiny?
Well, in a practical sense at least, they kind of do.

I mean, let's say your father was a notorious criminal mastermind like Al Capone. You don't think that would influence how your classmates treated you at school?

Speaking personally, my father was a teacher at the same school I attended. In fact, I was even in his class once (Grade 4). For good or for ill, this definitely had an impact on how my classmates treated me.

I do think that the brothers are taking this to a bit of an unhealthy extreme, but sociologically speaking, it really can sometimes be difficult to escape character presumptions based on what your parents were like (this is particularly true for teenagers, I think). It can feel like you're being punished for the crimes of your parents, or have lofty expectations thrust upon you based on what your parents are like.

With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if Kanba and Sho have faced some ostracization from their peers given how their parents were behind a terrorist act.

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Many people around the world believe things happen for a reason. It's part of the Christian doctrine, at the very least, and it's probably the same for other religions too. You think all these people are kidding themselves for thinking this way?
It's definitely true that there are plenty of people worldwide who sincerely believe in fate, or a more precise variant of it (determinism at a secular level, predestination within Calvinistic theology within the Christian faith, etc...).

So no, I don't think that Ringo is necessarily "kidding herself" either.

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