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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Well a moyashimon sequel was announced .

No other summer show announced? I'm still hoping Sakamichi no Apollon is 2 cour.
As hard as I might've been hoping for this as well, I've stopped doing so a while ago already. The noitaminA press conference that's taking place next week is branded as "announcing the 4 new noitaminA series for July and October", so it looks like we'll sticking to 1-cour material for a while. Besides, Moyashimon aired before the timeslot doubled its air time and I can't see its production committee changing drastically, so I do expect it to stick to the original 24:45 timeslot Apollon will be taking soon.

Of course this isn't all bad news: if Moyashimon ended up coming back for a second season, so can Apollon if the series performs well. The producers don't even need to wait for more material to come out, it's already finished and just begging to be adapted! I guess I am somewhat bitter that they're not going for 2 cours right away... I do know it'd be a risky bet, but so much for saying the timeslot would give longer series a chance, only to (seemingly) limit that opportunity to GC.

Going back to Moyashimon is definitely a smart move, anyway. It did perform great on both the sales & the ratings fronts and I'm very curious to find out whether a good deal of the old audience could be brought back to the 'new' noitaminA.

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