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Not to mention that another thing to consider is that, much like Whitebeard did, the other emperors could have a bunch of powerful NW pirate crews on their side, as well (remember, Law clearly told Luffy that surviving in the NW means to either oppose or side with the Yonkou). So I stress again: Do people seriously believe that it's so so simple to go to war against the rulers of the New World with such insufficient forces? It just goes to show that not only Law, but even Killer from Kid's crew had the right idea about the only plausible method to fight against these world-class opponents.....
Difference would be an all-out/declared war vs an unexpected swift strike/ guerrilla attack

You obviously need a HUGE force to take an emperor head on with a declaration of war.

But in "peace time", his entire force would not be with him all the time. If you can assemble an elite force, there is a chance of taking the emperor down during "peace time" when not all his allies and subordinates are with him. Assuming of course, you are even able to take down such a powerful person and with his still not-inconsiderable companions around.
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