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Originally Posted by bonsobon View Post
Deviating from the alliance talk for a bit, I'm suprised no one has mentioned this but how is Smoker able to move around? Did Law somehow steal his heart from Caesar and give it back to him? If so, when did he do it?
How's that confusing? We've known Smoker's body was able to move without a heart for just about the whole time Tashigi was swapped with him. She even pointed out HERSELF how odd it was function without a heart. Or did you forget that Law and Monet are ALSO moving around without hearts?

Originally Posted by Hisoka?? View Post
Difference would be an all-out/declared war vs an unexpected swift strike/ guerrilla attack

You obviously need a HUGE force to take an emperor head on with a declaration of war.

But in "peace time", his entire force would not be with him all the time. If you can assemble an elite force, there is a chance of taking the emperor down during "peace time" when not all his allies and subordinates are with him. Assuming of course, you are even able to take down such a powerful person and with his still not-inconsiderable companions around.

But see, even as you said yourself, even a surprise attack on an emperor would still be an INSANELY difficult feat to pull off for a supernova-level pirate. For one thing, even the emperors themselves would practically be a one-man army (let's not forget that Whitebeard by HIMSELF nearly wrecked all of Marineford now, shall we? ). Hence why I keep saying that it's abso-freaking-lutely imperative for the supernovas togather together and form as large a powerful pirate army as possible so they can have the best chances of defeating a Yonkou, even if it's through a sneak attack.....

Originally Posted by aohige View Post
And none of them are up there with Marco yet, who is on level of an Admiral.
Hell, we don't even have to use Marco as an example. Jozu and Vista were both capable of holding off admirals and Shichibukai, as well. Now imagine if Big Mom's crew had guys on that level (and if Pekoms alone is any indication, she very likely does). You guys really can't be taking those emperors lightly....
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