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Where did Kirito get all that money from?
I doubt it was just from killing one general.

Was it his SAO money? The items was garbled messed up data, but the currency stayed the same?

Anyway, this episode had me laughing the whole time. Especially when Kirito pulled the big bluff in the beginning about the alliance. Then when he burrowed Leafa's sword and started dual wielding. It doesn't come as a surprise, but it was great seeing that.

Then the Salamander's reaction after watching their general get killed. Instead of "oh no!" it was "AWESOME, GREAT FIGHT" lol, such a typical and realistic mmo player reaction.

The guy covering for Kirito was kind of weird though. Even if it was for sparing him earlier, its seems the 'trade' is off. Though, to me, it looks like the general KNEW the guy was covering for Kirito, from his look right after he said it.

But he needed an excuse to call off the attack to save face in front of his army, and the actual Salamander leader when he asked why he called off the attack.

Also found it funny when the Cait Sith and Sylerin Leader wanted to get Kirito into their army. Good stuff.

The last scene I was pretty tense with Asuna, I expected the douche to appear behind and go "just kidding" and throw her back into the cage. Couldn't believe she actually escaped. You go girl.
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