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Thank you guys :>

It seems i will have much to do this week, which makes me quite happy ^.^

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I personally liked anime prequel for Ga-Rei series more.

Don't let Madoka cover deceive you. This series are anything but childish, especially once you get pass 3rd episodes since that's where things really start to get grim.
A lot of people me included thought it was a children show and then all of us were proven wrong. Characters actually die here and atmosphere is dark.

Hope Ghost Hunt and Hundred stories will be of your liking
Yesterday i watched Ghost Hunt and Kara no Kyoukai until i went to bed. Both are very interesting, definitely a must watch till the end!

Today i will try Madoka Ep. 1-3. I am very curious if it will surprise me
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I don't see these on your list!

tell us your thoughts if you tried any of our suggestions

Edit: I'm not sure if you tried this yet.
forget the synopsis just read I promise you it's amazing
I already watched Rainbow Ep. 1 and at first i didn't like it that much but it seems this anime is also about boxing(martial arts) and i think i will give it a chance.

NHK at first sight doesn't really look like what i am searching for. But i will gather some informations first and then i can say if it worth the shot :P

I watched some episodes from Jormungand because i thought it resembles Black Lagoon or Phantom. But i didn't really gave it a chance yet. But i will!

The manga looks interesting but i am going to stick with the animes first.

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Demon King Daimao is about a guy who wants to change the world for the better but is destined to become the demon king
plenty of blood and devilish powers and expressions
I watched this one and it was good enough to watch it once.

Also, sorry if you can't understand my english somtimes, its because im from germany

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I bet [C] will fit your request I think.
Yeah i watched it and i really liked it!
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