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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
I'm late...

Anyway, there is only two things I want to write about concerning ep 7.

1, it is very interesting that the author is hanging a very big lampshade at the tradition of some random cute alien girl showing up and stealing the guy from girls who had knew him for a long time. Aoi's speech is really way overdue, for all the female characters who suffered because they aren't androids, aliens, or some magical goddess. At the very least, the point is made that Eris shouldn't automatically get priority just because she dropped out of the sky and is more exotic than the others. It was quite moving, with Aoi making it clear that she wanted so badly to have Kio but Eris is being a near insurmountable obstacle.

Aoi really misunderstood when Kio wanted her to teach him how to fight; he does see her as more than just a humanoid weapon, he simply wants to pull his own weight in this new and dangerous time. But her complex really made it worse.

On the other hand, Eris is also intentionally written as someone who is sufficiently compassionate, as to not be clueless about how her gatecrashing is hurting people. Instead of being the clueless idiotic main girl, Eris made it clear that Aoi does have a legitimate claim in loving Kio, but also made it clear that Eris herself loves him too and that this isn't about fighting over a mere object.
Yeah, this is what in my opinion sets it apart from the usual harem anime for me. The emotions feel a bit more real and the girls less idiotic, especially Eris who is usually in the role of a clueless idiotic main girl is very competent here.

Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
2, I really like how the dog droids were presented in this episode. They might have seemed scary last time, but it is now made clear that they are no more evil than the cat droids. They are soldiers who serve their masters, who kept fighting even with impossible odds against a superior enemy force. I mean, they fought with SPEARS! If high tech human weapons can't scratch the cat droids, what good are the pointy sticks? But they fought anyway, because that's their duty. They are dogs, and they will serve to the end. Even if their own master didn't even bother to retrieve them from the oceans.
Yeah, I've said it before but I really am more of a dog person than a cat person, their loyalty trait is very admirable for me. Making it similar to a soldier following soldiers is a nice touch, and even the female dog commander, Jens (really tempted to just shorten it and call her bitch...) doesn't seem really that evil somehow. Let's just wait and see for the episode today then.
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