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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Well, you see, there is actually no proof that Kio was ever a loser of any kind. Traditional harem comedies usually made sure the main male lead is somehow shunned by his classmates, being "pathetic" and with no skills to speak of. But from the very started we see that Kio is very much a part of the school's social life, and the only reason he hasn't got a girlfriend was because he was going slow with Aoi. All the other girls who were interested in him consider him "taken", with nearly every already know to stay out of Manami and Aoi's way.

The assumption that Kio is a loser is actually a force of habit; all signs point to Kio as an average teenager who is interested in film-making, who has plenty of friends, and is NOT starved of female attention.

Is there a reason why Kio couldn't get a girlfriend? There was no sign that he possessed any major flaws. All perceptions that he is your "typical loser male" is entirely imaginary. He is not ugly, he is not stupid, he is not weak, and he is not "uncool".
I didn't mean to really say that Kio defines himself as a "loser", just more of that he was intentionally "normal, humdrum." Another trope of harem males that they are pitched as being an ordinary high schooler.

I don't think it's unusual for him to have a girlfriend, and I totally can see why Aoi, Eris and Manami have feelings for him. I do however find it a little odd he is considered to "a catch" by the other girls in the school. Granted, I don't think I've ever seen that done in a harem show, but Kio doesn't give off the aura of being successful with ladies.

If anything, I want the show to prove that Kio is an important structure/character to the development of this series. He's been getting better and better with each passing episode.
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