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To me this is the most shocking episode of the entire series, not that othe other climaxes didn't have impact, they were great each one on the epic moents of this series had a deep impact, but this chapter in particular leave speechless and with tears flowing through my face. I call it a breaking point, this is the turning point in the series where things definetly change, Taigarealizes what are her true feelings and Ryuuji gets rejected by the crush he pursued for the entire series.

The previous chapter has the heartbreaking scene of Minori's ball taking down the tree and it was effective(making me at first feel fury against whoever idito has throwed the ball and then shocked and pity for Minorin because she's already having problemns and the ball was clearly an accident, but ended destroying Taiga's important treasure anyway, i feel almost as guilty as her ;_. But on this episode they manage to turn that effect up to eleven with the xmas party, the "Holy Night" song, the reconstructed starm and everything, the scen with Taiga alone in her appartement is both sad and happy(being good to everyone to try being part of a happy christmas scene only to end up alone again ...her joy when Ryuuji came is very touching) ...then, even when she's very happy Taiga reamins faithful to her promise and send Ryuuji back to the party this point is already stablished that Taiga is not indifferent to Ryuuji anymore si i was expecting a sad scene or comment but then BAM! She not only acknowledges Ryuuji's support and the jey she experience alongside him ...she fully realizes what her feelings for Ryuuji really are's so surprising and shocking that she forgets about her promise for a moment, she doesen0t think on anyone else, for a brief couple of minutes she allow herself to be a biut more greedy and runs before him, i'm 90% sure that Taiga doesen't even what to do if she catches him but that scene is so powerfull it's simply unforgettable, her breakdown after missing him is enveloping and palpable, seeing Taiga engulfed in tears is really sad but Minori's face at the scene is the true ice on the cake, I'll think i find the next climaxes of the series(Taigas's unknoingly confession and the latter) all the more enjoyable thanks to this scene. Al of this pakcaged with a beautifull envelope and a ribbon on the night of Christmas Eve.

Watching this chapter again during Holydays is great experience, even if i already watched the entire series a couple of times, the Christmas atmosphere gives this chaptera new meaning.

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