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Originally Posted by Dark Night View Post
You know, wanting Clare back doesn't in any [logical] way mean the story is going be magically better or more interesting, though it'd probably make it more bearable (I for instance wouldn't complain that much if Teresa was somehow in the story right now).

It just seems like Yagi's capacity to surprise us has...declined.
Not true, bringing back the MC in a story of course can be a 100% logical way to make the story better and more interesting,especially since in this manga the REAL tension has ALWAYS been strictly bound to Claire.
Like it or not, there are a lot of things going on in Claymore,but at the end of the day Claymore is basically Claire's story,so it's not a big surprise that taken away the focus on her,this arc feels "less personal" and it's difficult for the other characters to create the same tension as before,not because they are bad characters,but because of the way this manga is built.

And honestly,the whole climax for this arc is severely damaged by the fact that in the other situation with Prissy and Claire the climax is 100 times stronger.

Stupid example:

It's like a group of people that love football are watching at the TV an objectively important football match.....but they also know that at the same in another channel there could be the final of the world championship but for some reason they can't watch it.
No wonder the "objectively important" football match that they are watching feels a lot less interesting in that situation.

And YES,being able to change channel and look at the final would be LOGICALLY a lot more interesting,lol.
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